The Never Ending Quest - Episode 18047

Dead people everywhere...
The group drew their weapons as they advanced into the Caverns. Dead people in beer stalls, in brothels, corpses in the Fighting Rings, corpses in the lavatories...
An army of foes had ran through the place and slaughtered every living thing.
"This is just great." said Denia. "It's not like we can go through the miles of tunnels down here checking every body for Argyle the idiot."
Hal looked up from a formerly full wallet.
"I say we check the BrokenBall tourney arena first."
Wayland scratched his chin.
"I say we check the hotels and their registers. From what I can tell, the attack happened in the early morning. Knowing Argyle, he'd be sleeping off booze and whatnot. And he definitely would not come out when there was screaming and whatnot. Most of the hotel rooms have stone for three walls. Our intrepid scumbag would've thrown a dresser in front of the door and urinated in his leggings."
The group ends up doing what?

  1. Finding Argyle hiding with two underaged women in Room 365 of the 'Two Swords' hotel.
  2. Finding Argyle's head on a spike in a courtyard. Hoo boy.
  3. Being eaten by monsters.
  4. Killing a buggerload of creatures and finding from a survivor Argyle has been kidnapped by the Warrior Accountants of Ohio.
  5. Rescuing five innocents from the basement of a pool hall.

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