Forgetful Belboz

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 17375

“Why do you want a banana?”

“To stick up the Dragon’s nose.”

“Why would you want to do that?”

“The vitamin B, combined with whatever it is that makes a bananna yellow, causes a dragon's lungs to explode.”

“Ha ha ha! How silly! Who told you that?”

“You did!”


“So, do you have one?”

“Have what?”

“A banana.”

“Why do you want a banana?”

  1. “To stick up the Dragon’s nose.”
  2. “To stick up YOUR nose.”
  3. “To cook up a delicious banana cream pie.”
  4. “Oh, good grief. Never mind, I’ll find one on my own!”

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Sir Paulito

11/5/2002 1:00:39 PM

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