Maid for him

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 16815

"I declare a royal feast for Sir Frederigo, whose courage has rescued my daughter!!" shouts the king.

The palace erupts in cheers and many pat Fred upon the back. The princess turns and kisses him on the cheek. Then an attendant shows Fred to a room where he may rest. He kicks off his heavy boots and falls asleep.

He is awakened by a knock at the door. He goes to answer it and sees a very beautiful blonde girl in a white dress. She quickly explains that she is the attendant who is to take care of his bath. She leads him to a tub and tells him to undress while she prepares the water. Once he is undressed, he steps into the warm water and lets the dirt dissolve. She kneels by the tub and begins to rub him with oils and bath salts. Fred has been trapped with a beautiful woman for days and wants to release his wild oats, but knows he does not want to anger his hosts.

  1. Fred tries to control himself.
  2. Fred attempts to get her white dress wet with the bathwater.
  3. Fred gives up and goes after her.

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