The Rules of the Game

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 16274

"I'd put that book down, if I were you."

You look behind you and see that you are not alone. Someone has appeared in the room. He is tall and luminous, seeming almost godlike.

"Who the hell are you?" you say.

"I am Rule 1." The man waves his hand and suddenly you are gone and Josh, the person who's been playing this game all this time, stands where you were. Josh is utterly shocked, understandably. He pinches himself to see if he is dreaming. He is startled to find that he isn't. "Oh my God," he says.

"Alright, I'll explain," says Rule 1. "I am one of the authorities who guard the multiverse. You probably know Randall Flagg as a villain in a Stephen King novel, but he's real, and he was one of our greatest enemies. He died, but left this behind in this pocket universe, which was created as a game by a group of cosmic beings and which you have unknowingly tapped. This book has the power to ressurect him. Now will you hand it over?"

Josh sighed. Why can't I ever have a game that plays normally? he thought.

  1. Josh hands over the book.
  2. Josh doesn't hand over the book.
  3. The universe is destroyed.

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