Pretty Lights

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 1621

The decision to flee was made easily enough; he had to escape! But which way? The sounds came closer, a gruff voice could be heard, one that seemed too gruff to be merely human. Instantly, without any thought, he leapt forward, turned left and ran with all his might.

He ran, a defenseless man; all he had was the coat on his back, the breeches upon his thighs and the boots covering his shins and feet. The ones who had attacked him had taken his armor, his shield and his sword.

He ran, a man left seemingly at the mercy of Fate or the Wyrd. The voices diminished and Lord Fred D'Honaire breathed a sigh of relief. The stone passage about him was dark yet warm. There seemed to be a slight luminescence coming off the rough walls and upon touching them Fred found sections to be covered by a fungus. The air was warm and almost moist; was he coming back towards the pool of water and the creek that fed it? Was he entering a new and unchartered path? Was the air coming from above or below or perhaps from the very mouth of the Dragon itself?!?

As Lord D'Honaire mused upon his surroundings something new caught his attention: a pulsating color coming from the far end of the passage.

It was rythmical yet strange. Fred had never seen anything quite like it and was unsure as to its nature. He advanced a bit farther and the color seemed to brighten. The passage became wider as well, and Fred could see that it broke into two directions. The luminescent darkness was now punctuated by the pulsating colors. And Fred began to feel very strange, as if his stomach were light and his head heavy.

The accursed light was altering him, affecting his perceptions, but to what end? The Lord D'Honaire had to make a choice - run from the light or run to the light?

  1. he ran towards the light hoping beyond hope he would not die.....
  2. he ran from the light with all his strength wondering what awaited him in the darkness....

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