A Nobleman's Duty

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 16148

"I'm Fred," Lord Frederigo says. It does not seem appropriate in these circumstances to be too formal. He goes on: "This isn't a very safe place for a girl. You are in the dragon's domain here." "You don't work for him, do you?" Glenda asks, alarmed by his words. "No, I don't, luckily for you." "Well, as I explained, the stream carried me away. I was bathing in a pool a little way outside the caverns, but I was careless and got too near the outflow, which carried me in here. Please will you help me to get out of the caverns and retrieve my clothes?"

Fred looks at the girl. She has long blonde hair and is very pretty, but he is a nobleman and he knows where his duty lies: to help others: "Of course I'll help you. Presumably the stream is too strong to swim against, if it could carry you in here against your will, but is there a path running beside it? If not, then I imagine we shall have to go out of the caverns by the route I came in, and once outside try to find our way across country to where you left your clothes."

  1. "Yes, there's a path by the stream."
  2. "No, there's no path by the stream. If there were, I shouldn't have needed your help."
  3. Fred offers Glenda his own clothes.
  4. Glenda's problem gets a lot worse!

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