...Or Perhaps Still Leashed

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15990

"I have searched within myself as you instructed," Fred told Belboz, "and I can tell that what you say is true. But I have never adopted my draconic form. How can I do that?"

"It should be something that you know instinctively how to do," Belboz replied. "I am surpised that you have never experienced the transformation. Once you have changed that first time, I am sure that you will find it easy in future. Perhaps coming face to face with the evil dragon which you have come to the caves to kill will serve to trigger it."

"And if it doesn't...?" Fred asked. "Then you probably get killed."

Fred did not like the sound of that. "Surely you must know a way to trigger it?" he asked.

  1. "Well, come to think of it, yes I do."
  2. "Possibly."
  3. "No, I'm sorry. This can only come from inside yourself."

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10/7/2001 9:56:27 AM

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