The Continuing Transformation of Thessamar ix'latl

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15846

Since we last saw Thessamar ix'latl in episode 15633, she had decided to turn away from the river that she had been following, and to seek refuge in the thick forest that surrounded it. If she was to meet a human being now, she feared that either the human, frightened by her appearance, might kill her or she might kill the human. The forest has a second advantage. She is starting to find that bright daylight is increasingly uncomfortable for her eyes. The lengthening of her arms has continued, and she leans over at ever more of an angle. Her body is becoming heavier and more muscular.

She finds a great hollow tree in the depths of the forest, and decides it would be a good place to sleep away the hours of daylight. She dozes off, but is awoken some time later by the sound of a twig snapping. Looking out from her hiding place, she sees that it is surrounded by a small group of oddly assorted people.

  1. One of them looks familiar, very like how she herself had looked until a couple of days ago.

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5/29/2001 1:57:03 AM

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