Freddy the Faire (Folke)

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15844

It sounded like "Kewlll!" It sounds like the speaker is a young sounding woman.....sort of. See, there was an unearthly.....undertone to that word. Nothing menacing.....just unearthly seeming.....

The Champions are too busy "bugging out" to notice the undertones, however.

Now, it's obvious just why Jarlath's group made themselves less visible to the rest of the world, so we shan't go into the reasoning. However, it sure impressed Freddi to no ends!

Frankly, Dragon Synizn and the others hastily shush her before she can gush any more about the wonders of traveling around invisible.

They make a quick retreat to the only place that can provide a convenient place to hold up, if for only a bit. That place is Freddi's apartment. It had a new, barely lived in feel to it (that and a bit spartan), but Freddi said that she'd only moved in to town only a few months ago....and was still setting up. The others looked at each other, knowing that while Freddi thought it was so....didn't make it necessary reality.

That aside, time is of the essence, but the others sense, correctly, that perhaps they can maybe use for this platinum blond bombshell Only there was the question of the morality of putting this young woman (whoever she really was) in harm's way. They had the feeling that the unseelie curse would soon attempt to again curse Freddi like it had cursed the other unfortunate non-Champions. The spell casters would be able to cast spells to drive it off, but the fact that the curse was able to attempt to do what it had attempted to do was worrisome. To their knowledge, that shouldn't have been possible. That....and some began to question whether or not they would soon slay this vapid woman themselves.

She kept chattering away about magic and how cool this and that all was. Her style of speech was pure "Valley Girl" and it left most of those from Terra Prime with the impression that if one put an ear besides Freddi's ear....they'd hear the sea. That is, if the blasted woman would stop talking!

The magical conditioning upon Freddi had indeed changed the dragonslayer into a shallow, vapid woman....for the moment at least.

See, the original spell upon Freddi was a type of curse that would become permanent (thus locking away Fred forever inside Freddi) in an act of....consummation with a man. The resulting female would be slavishly loyal to men (any men).....a nice little plaything for the public. The one known as Pablo had hired a mysterious powerful mage (known only as the Oracle) to change his rivals to the family fortune and land of D'Honaire. Pablo was from a remote, poor branch of the family....and saw the sons of the Duke D'Honaire as rivals to what should be his. The mage had, along with Pablo D'Honaire, concocted an elaborate scheme. Josphef D"Honaire and Fred D'Honaire were captured and changed into women.....their memories of their true selves suppressed and libidos increased vastly. Pablo was rather happy with his handiwork with as he looked down at the sleeping Jossie (the name that she'd have for the rest of her life, now). The next part would be to contact "Tony" (the Oracle) as soon as he was done with his servicing that wench that his rival had now become....and they'd teleport back to his homeworld to soon claim his birthright (after making all due public statements of mourning for the apparently dead and missing sons of D'Honaire).

Just wait for the call....

But there was a problem, you see.

The Oracle (who'd been rather beligerant and had to be cuffed) had been placed in the back of what would be called a "paddy wagon" (the police of this place still usually used police vans to transport prisoners instead of police cars). They open the van later at the station, and gasp in horror at the burned corpse within.

See, two rather powerful Faire folk had finally caught up with the villain and had ended the fiend (thus stranding Pablo and his victims on this strange world). Oberon had caused the Oracle's heart to explode and the Queen of the Light Elves had immolated the corpse, just as a finishing touch.

Neither knew of the Oracle's final victims, so nothing was done to track down Freddi or Jossie. . . . initially

However, to make matters worse, while the curse that was presently upon Freddi hadn't been completed by the Oracle.....there was something that happened when the Unseelie curse (apparently a mutated strain) had brushed Freddi. She now had an instinctive knowledge of the general whereabouts of the person who was slowly turning into a monster who'd soon seek her out and kill her. However, though it was just a touch.....this curse has a rather corrosive nature on a person's shape. The touch hadn't bee long enough to shift the change in any particular direction (i.e. not toward the Unseelie side of things). It's hanging in the balance as to which way things will go. "Freddi" provides the impetus needed to slowly start the slow slide.

"Ohmigod, I am, like, SOOOO sorry!," Freddi squealed to Andrea (who looks over at Jarlath in an aggrieved manner). "I suddenly, y'know, keep thinking about that little fairy woman from Peter Pan. What with all that kewl magic and stuff I just can't seem to stop thinking about all the magic rays I can, y'know, soak up and stuff!"

She gives off a giggle that suddenly grows shrill. A shrill sound that causes the others to look at her. It's the shrill sound that the magic users associate with certain types of pixy. As if to give credit to the fear, they giggling woman brushes her long hair as a nervous gesture and a slightly pointed ear is revealed!

Freddi suddenly stops giggling as the conditioning suddenly cracks and falls away as the synergistic reaction between curses begins to start.

Being that this Frederigo D'Honaire really had no secret desire to be a woman (alas, he hails from a world that such things, if discovered, will earn you a stoning from the disapproving masses). Thus, sensing what appears to be a weakness within the curse, she uses pure force of will (aided by some basic magical training that all students of his land get growing up) to return her body to the sex he'd been born to.

Well, 'tis halfway successful. He'd rather been better advised not to have attempted it, however. The young blonde woman's form fades in and out of focus and glows.

Well, good news. He's now back to his old sex. Bad news. He' accelerated the transfomation process on himself accidently to completion (something that the other magic users thought impossible....but then again they're not familiar with the ins and outs of magical study and theory of this Fred's world). Instead of a 6'2", eyes of blue lyrically beautiful (and very buxom) young lady now stands a naked, six inch tall fairy male (pixie species in the Seelie Court), with shoulder length platinum, curly blonde hair and big eyes of blue (and very sharp pointed ears......similar to another certain fairy woman in Queen Astra's group).

The birth of the new fairy attracts attention. Some from those within the room. One who's hiding out in the nearby hills. Two who'd come here to finish off a villian and had been on their way back to their respective realities.......

  1. "What happened?" Fred the pixie squeaks, looking up at the staring people about him.

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