Dragons, Dragonslayers, and Doctors....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15510

On reaching Manhattan, Malachi searches from the air for a suitable spot for them to camp for the night. That is about the time they both spot spot the crew outside a blue box with and that crew spots them. Jarlath's eye's grow a bit wider when he recognizes them.

"What is Inquirer and the others doing here I wonder?" he mutters to himself, drawing out a communicator that begins to whistle for his attention on his belt.

Friends of yours? Malachi sends back to the young mage, looking down at the odd group below.

"Yes, and also a way to get to the Red Pyramid much quicker, I dare say!" Astra 9 answers for Jarlath as he begins to speak with those below, "That and a rather comfortable night's rest before we journey on, at least."

It turns out that that indeed is why the Doctor is here, due to a mysterious phone call from an earlier self's TARDIS (re: 15531).

Meanwhile, inside that very same Red Pyramid.....

Fred the Manfox has just read in a leather bound tome what has befallen their missing comrades.

"Oh bloody Hell," he whispers hoarsely, shocked.

Both of Demifox Astra's and Demifox Fred's fox ears quirk in surprise at the humanoid fox's profanity.

  1. "You found something, brother?" Demifox Fred asks, seeing a look in Fred the Manfox's eyes.

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