Preparations Are Made

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14969

Jarlath's group have naturally been rather shaken by what they have been shown of what happened to their alter egos. As well as having seen the apparent death of that other Joan, Jarlath is especially sensitive about eye injuries as a result of his own spell of blindness before he became a Champion.

The Rules and Agents had frozen everyone in time except the Champions whilst they gave their presentation. Meanwhile Lord Fred, along with his parents and sister, had been visited by Angels and had seen a similar presentation (though it was intended that only Fred should become a Champion and join the quest). Now that the presentations had finished, time had resumed.

To get to the world where the pyramid was located would involve going via Terra Prime using Dr Vincent's device. But first there was the question of what to do about the ghost of Minestus (the maker of the green flame). This was naturally of great importance to Fred in particular, but time was short if they were to achieve this before going on to the main part of their mission.

The party would consist of the four from Terra Prime (Jarlath, Astra 9, Andrea 2 and Joan), plus Thelma and Fred. The Duke and Duchess were naturally unhappy about their son, so recently restored to them, going away on another dangerous mission. Having seen the presentation, they understood the need, though. There was also the important point that it was the only way that Fred could be reunited with "his" Astra. For him, that meant that there could be no question about his going. And his parents knew that Fred ought to marry Astra; Allarian morality was such that it was unthinkable that Fred, the father of her children, should leave them to be brought up out of wedlock.

  1. There was a slight complication, however. Rowena, having only recently found her brother, was unwilling for him to go off on this new adventure without her.

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