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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14817

Natthias was wondering what their story was when the official who was going to perform the ceremony stepped out....and drew a few whispers of surprise.

Queen Astra, having heard of recent events, had come to town!

"Queen Astra?" Astra 9 gasps, surprised, "My liege....sister? I thought that you were back in the capital city and couldn't make it on such short notice!"

"Well, I am and I'm not," Queen Astra La Post says, smiling, "See, right now I'm on assignment by Rule 1."

"Oh," several people say, as if that explained it all (which it did to many, actually).

"However, on the way I had heard of Jarlath's marriage to you," Queen Astra adds, then looks over to Annafrid, "As well as this young woman. Since this is an Aqualarian civil wedding, and I am the head of state (not to mention head of the head of the Aqualarian religioun), I felt honor bound to perform the ceremony. The official who'd have done it had no objections, and I thought that you would not, either. Do you?"

"Oh no! No objections at all!" Annafrid and the other love birds chime in.

"I'd be delighted, sister!" Astra 9 says, smiling radiantly.

"But first, since I see some of you looking back at some of my fellow travelers, let me introduce them!" Queen Astra continues.

For the sake of brevity, we shall break down the newcomers into two groups with references to the episodes where character descriptions are found. Reposting the whole of it here would be too much.

The first group is made of Queen Astra's entourage. It is made up of Dragon Synizn ofEarth Prime (presently quietly speaking with his Terra Prime counterpart); Ama'lis Silverheart (who's landed on the shoulder of Annafrid and softly speaking to her); Ia'adoire (who's gone over with her love and speaking softly with the startled Elder D'Honaires); and Lueoth (who's gone over to ask Duke Drederigo, the nearest version of Ia'adoire's father of the old homeworld, for her hand in marriage). Their bios can be found in episode 13616. They are all here to help with Astra la Post to get Roland the Gunslinger to the Dark Tower safe and sound.

The second group is Roland the Gunslinger's group. Roland the Gunslinger is the teen who's hugging (and crying in delight) at having found the loved one he'd thought forever beyond (in the afterlife). His bio is found in episode 14002. Eddie Dean is looking over at the threesome, then at the elfin couple who'd come with them, then over at Susannah Dean. "You know, it actually would not hurt to buck that there's an actual way to make it real and proper?" he asks Susannah, "I mean, like, we already are....but why not make it official like?" His bios is found in 14009. Susannah Dean looks at him with a tilt of the head. "So ya wanna get hitched?" she asks, the Detta side of herself speaking, "I accept." Susannah's story is found in episode 14018. She also has a feeling that since this is something of a medival setting (or had been until relatively recently), while things may be more liberal and such than their counterpart times back on Earth....some traditions mustn't be bucked. Susannah doesn't feel like explaining the concept of "live in partner" and seeing what trouble comes down the pike when she did have to explain. Jake is looking up at Roland and Susan with a surprised look as Roland asks if he'd like to be adopted by him and Susan. Jake had already been something of and adopted son, but now Roland wanted to make it official (as well as making his relationship with Susan official and proper) His parents had him more as a showpiece than as a son, and Roland is more of a father than his real one. As for Susan, Roland's love, we'll cover her story in the next episode or so here.

The last group is made of the people who'd been effected by what some call the Two Girl prophecy! As the celestial being who'd been Astra the djinn (now an Angel) was departing after watching the proceedings with her benefactor and some Champions, she'd given them a "leg up" and teleported them and the wedding that was about to take place so as to be able to meet the rest of their new family. They arrive a bit before Roland's group does, and figure that Rule 1 was just being nice (instead of a relative going it). She'd then hurried off to fight evil in another realm, but had been very happy to lend a hand to her "relatives" on Terra Prime. Sarah D'Honaire, Winifred D'Honaire, Frieda D'Honaire, and Fre' D'Honaire are looking at each other and smilng, sharing a surprised delight at the glow that seemed to surround this new family that they saw before them. Jack is quietly speaking to Jenny Elf, enchanted with her orange cat Sammy. Phylicia and Belinda openly gape at Anina, who's approached them with a wish to adopt both of them as daughters along with Astra la Post's new red haired elven brother. She felt a deep, hidden longing in them brought forth by the scenes of family before them (both never had much of a good childhood), and wished to quench that longing (that's the way Anina was, now as a hamadryad, sometimes). They cry and hug her. Their bios are in episode 14539.

A few eyes blink in the audience at what happens next. Oh, it's not anything outrageous, but a little unexpected. Then again, some chide themselves, the unusual seems to follow the Champions around (and it's a happy delight to watch and participate in some admit).

Thus, the unusual civil marriage between three people is joined. Instead of one marriage ceremony......'tis four going on at once!

After a bit of discussion, Astra, Jarlath, and Annafrid are delighted to have the fun shared. Illusion spells are cast to "spruce up" the travel worn clothing of some (clothing appearances changed to something appearing more appropriate for a wedding).

  1. As the final vows are spoken, Susan.....

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