Lady Champlaine

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14556

Lady Champlaine looks startled at being asked. Eventually she says...

"Well, I'd like to get to know the this perspective bride," Lady Champlaine finally says, "By Allarian custom, the mother of the groom at least gets a day alone with the perspective bride......if she deems it necessary."

Annafrid seemed like a nice woman, but Champlaine really did wish to at least to get a better sampling of her character, and that was usually done by interview.

Before coming to this new world, woman had had some say in who their son's and daughters married....if albeit from behind the scenes. She had adjusted well enough to Aqualarian customs, but this facet had taken her by the interview was even MORE important now that before.

Annafrid looked over at Astra and Jarlath, then at the smiling Duke Drederick (who's learned well enough from long experience that when Lady Champlaine put her mind to it....she could be a most formidable woman indeed....even though she could appear to be very quiet in public).

"Don't worry," Drederick whispers to Annafrid as she and his wife begin to leave for a long session. " yourself."

  1. Dred had a good feeling about Annafrid, and liked her......

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