Getting stuck with Barney.

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14552

Fred is transported to the Barney Show. Some makeup ladie powders Fred's face. "What are you doing?" Fred asks. "Well little boy, you have to look pretty when you sing with Barney!" Fred scratches his head. "Sing with Barney? What are you talking about?," Fred looks around, "Oh crap... NO! NO! NO!" A little while latter, Fred is forced to go on stage. They make him sing and wear dumb clothes. Fred notices smoke comming out of Barney. Is Barney smoking under his suite or has he just caught on fire due to spontanious human compustion?

  1. Barney is smoking under his suite
  2. Barney had spontanious human compustion

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James K.

3/10/2001 6:26:24 PM

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