Fred finds spells to atone for his mistakes

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14200

In moments, Velus and the old man are alive.
Velus barks. Then speaks! The spell had the benefit of giving Velus human speech!
The old man, senile as ever, runs in fear of the talking dog.
But of course, there is always a price for magic. Fate soon takes its toll.

  1. Fred loses a pinky.
  2. Velus realizes he had been spayed.
  3. Fred gets the runs.
  4. Fred gets constipated.
  5. Josh Burbank appears and refuses to leave.
  6. Scott Chen appears in a cardboard box and stuns them both with a magic thingy.
  7. Fred is tormented by visions of Hell for about ten minutes.

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9/30/2003 5:08:17 PM

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