Prang decides...

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13723

Prang decides after weighing the proes and cons on a course of action.

"'Tis easy enough to create a magical trap that goes off later when they are well and away from here," Prang thinks aloud, "In fact I have the perfect thing right here. It'll just take a few hours of uninterrupted......"

Knock. Knock.

Prang mutters a vile oath under his breath, putting down the spell components he'd begun to gather. Then, slipping into the senile facade he always wore outside in public, he answers the door!

"Eh, whatta ya want with old Prang?" he asks in a creaky voice, smiling.

His smile almost falters in shock when he sees who's behind Karin.

Jarlath and company had, upon the apparent good fortune of stumbling upon those within the retirement castle to not throw away a lucky stroke given them. Instead of finding an inn and then in the morning to strike out for the retirment castle and THEN getting permission to see one of the residents within by the management, all had agreed (albeit reluctantly) to instead push on a little more and finish this quest NOW (instead of after a good nights sleep).

"Sorry, Master Prang," Karin says with something almost like sincerety in her voice, "But you have some visitors who I sure you'd like to talk with."

"Oh, right away! Right away!" Prang says, sounding childishly delighted while fearing the worst, "Bring the dearies right in!"

  1. There is still just a chance that the youngsters are just here for the herb....and not his head!

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