Beach Bunny Freddi

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13701

Fred blinked, then grinned. She was standing at the edge of a moderately populous beach. The temperature was in the mid-80's, the sun was bright and glorious, the sky was clear and cloudless, and the water was a bright blue, with gentle whitecaps breaking along the shoreline. All in all, a perfect day for going to the beach.

"Fuh-REDdi!" came a voice next to her. "Like, HelLO! Earth to Freddi!"


"Like, you were TO-tally flaking out, Freddi! Are you all, like, okay and stuff?"

Fred blinked in confusion - then suddenly giggled. "Ohmigod, I am, like, SOOOO sorry!," Freddi squealed to her best friend, Josie. "I was, y'know, just thinking about all the rays I can, y'know, soak up and stuff!"

Josie smiled knowingly back. "Uh-huh. And about how many hotties you can, like, attract with that bombin' new swimsuit!"

"JO-sie!!!" "It's like, a THONG, th-thong-thong-thong-THONG!" Josie sang teasingly.

"You are SOOO bad!" Freddi laughed. The two girls, squealing and giggling, set off to find a spot to work on their tans.

Freddi and Josie had a great time that day. They both got a golden brown tan, and they managed to pick up a couple of guys, named Pablo and Tony, in the bargain. After the sun went down, their new dates took them to a local club, The Hungry Dragon. Freddi, a knockout in her shorts and tank top, had a blast dancing with Tony.

Later, Josie drove off with Pablo, and Tony offered to take Freddi home. Reveling in the cool night air, and feeling mellow after a couple of bourbons at the Dragon, Freddi snuggled against Tony in his convertable.

When they arrived at her apartment, Freddi enticingly planted a long, slow kiss on Tony and whispered, "So, do you wanna, y'know, like, come inside?"

Tony smiled at her and said:

  1. "I sure do, babe!"
  2. "I'd love to, but I gotta be at work early tomorrow."
  3. "Sorry, we got other places to go." Then he gunned the car.
  4. "Listen, do you think you could introduce me to that friend of yours, Josie?"
  5. "Behold the might Lord Fred - reduced to nothing more than a common trollop!"

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