In the "Loco"motive.....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13649

And thus she is then alone.

Time works strangely on Mid-World, home of Roland the Gunslinger and the Dark Tower. Hours can pass like days and days like hours. Since time and space are related (as Einstein hinted at in a certain formula of his), the same must be said of the landscape as well. It isn't noticable during short jaunts.....but after several hundred miles (or wheels as they say here, locally) sees that something just isn't....right. The world seems to be getting.....bigger. Places and locations further and further from each other.

It doesn't make sense, but that's the way of Mid-World.....since things are moving on (breaking down....becoming more brutal and primitive.... etc.).

But that's not really important right at this point in time.

What is important is where the Champions land!

The next part is a scene from Stephen King's "Wizard and Glass", a Dark Tower novel.

At least, it starts OFF the same as that novel.....

"ASK ME A RIDDLE." Blaine invited.

Roland the gunslinger is about to tell Blaine, the insane supercomputer who ruled the now defunct city of Lud (if only behind the scene) and the pilot of the supersonic bullet train they rode within, impregnate itself when...... "Ooomph!" Astra la Post and most of her companions grunt as they drop out of thin air and onto the floor!

Ama'lis was able to zip out of the way with her wings, and catches her breath as she lands lightly upon the armored shoulder of one of the Light Elves as they also pop into existence.

"What the Hell?" Eddie Dean of New York gasps, shocked.

  1. The walls, floor, and ceiling of the Barony Coach flicker to opaque...then invisible as Blaine also does the equivalent of a cybernetic blink of surprise.

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