The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13603

Meanwhile, in yet another location......

The little elfin boy's name was Hathar'ruil. He is one of four brothers and five sisters how been conceived on the Night of Joining. Of course, the shocked parents, upon learning the number of children that were growing within the proud mother, knew that drastic means were needed. The ordinary, time honored tradition of natural childbirth would not do. Either the mother would die giving birth to so many, and/or the unborn children would die. Thus, they enlisted, with some qualms, the aid of the Outsiders (Military Medicine)....and where shocked and thrilled to learn just how much they were aided. Instant converts, the parents had become close friends and advocates for the integration of the New Ways into elfin culture. After all, look what the New Ways had done for them! All their dear little ones carried to term and delivered safe and sound!

Being of high station (of rank equal that of Duke and Duchess), the proud and happy mother and father made sure that their little ones got the best education.....and of everything. But also keeping them from being "spoiled" by reminding them of their obligations of their station in life. Thus, not in want of anything but not pampered to the point of turning him into a brat, Hathar'ruil and his kin grew and generally had a good life.

Something of a diplomat, also, meant that their parents also had many parties with foreign dignitaries and outside cultures....and as such each and every child was exposed to a vast array of customs, ideas, and such outside the Elfin Nation. Hathar'ruil had several good human friends from Hindu Kush (what would have been called India on another world), the Nippon Empire (which was still only now just recovering from the devastating nuclear attack that had scorched their capitol city, Hiroshima, and a total area amounting to five hundred miles across. He also counted several children from the American Coalition of Indian Nations (a political organization that had initially formed to repel and unite against the horrid Vikings of centuries ago but stayed united and grown afterwards) as his friends, also.

All in all, Hathar'ruil had a broad expanse of which to draw from in learning throughout his life.

Also, he had surprised his parents at a very early age.

Like several other elfin children born from the Night of Joining, had shown an aptitude for magical talent, and thus his parents had joyfully placed him in the Institute of Magery. The parents were proud at how well their little russet haired, amethyst eyed boy excelled in a craft that no prior ancestor of theirs had ever shown even a drop of talent in (not even a hint of drop).

By and large, the parents succeeded and thus things were going well indeed.

That was, until the day of their son's eighth birthday.....

He'd been cloistered away with his brothers and sisters, in reflection of what this day meant to the rest of his life before leaving the meditation room to participate in the joyous activities planned for this special day.....when he gasped.

The other's name was Scouter; elfin hunter, brother of a long lost daughter, son of One-Eye and Clearbrook. He'd been present on that ill fated day when Rayek, in what he could only call a fit of madness, had flown his version of the Palace up to merge with the newer....just emerging Palace of the High Ones.....and had destroyed everything.

Scouter had been named for being the keenest of eye of all his tribe and was also almost overly protective of those he loved. Thus, when he saw the fire coming at him, he'd dove to protect his loved ones with his very body. Of course the very nature of the Chaos wave made such a gesture, while brave, totally futile.

"Wha....?" he muttered, dizzy, and having two lives dancing around in his skull.

That's when he sensed by way of a stray Sending by his unconscious mother (who's Sending will reach Xanth something like hours in the past and bring Jenny Elf forth) and father from the World of Two Moons, Clearbrook and One-Eye (!?) were in terrible distress. While he could Feel his other loves (Dewshine, not Tyleet, since that would have happened later if things had stayed as they should have) was also confused and frightened......his parents were in more in need of him....whatever his name was (Scouter?......Hathar'ruil?).

Head still spinning and not exactly thinking clearly, he rushed out the door, past his confused and babbling brothers and sisters (!) and went running on his way through the streets.....with only a general idea which way the distress calls had come from!

The young boy groans, but his need to protect his loved ones keeps him focused enough (and on his feet!) to continue on instead of laying down and passing out, like he feels like doing right now!

But, that aside, it was enough for the desperate elfin lad to be stopped twenty minutes later as he tries to run past the guards to the Military Base...in search of his father, One-Eye.

The guards, after collaring the frantically babbling (in an elfin tongue not spoken on this world) child, they began to place some calls.....

  1. Meanwhile, back to Jenny Elf and friends!

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