at the seat of Lord Gates

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 1359

Fred followed the tiny men. He watched them walk...sorta like children, yet their white floor-length beards dispelled any notion that they were childlike. The one wearing the red kerchief, gold-rimmed glasses and a pocket-protector led the group through various tunnels until they came to a small silver door. Then he banged on it with a hammer. Quickly the dorr opened and the group was brought by still other tiny men into a large room with a very large throne. Sitting on the throne was an elderly tiny man with a bad haircut.

"Bow before Lord Gates!" yelled a tiny man wearing yellow breeches and a pink shirt. The group did so, Fred as well (he was used to royal decorum).

"What is this...this...thing?" asked Lord Gates. "It is a beast, a talking beast, m'Lord" answered the man with the pocket protector. "Can it dig?" "Uh, well, you see...we don't know...we just found it and brought it to you." "Ah," said Lord Gates. "Maybe it can tell a joke."

Fred, who had kept his mouth shut could do so no more.

  1. Fred says, "I am NOT an animal!"
  2. Fred says, "Stop talking about me as if I wasn't here!"
  3. Fred says, "Look here, I am a Knight in the service of the great King of Allaria!"

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