Joan Stops a Social Gaff

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13489

Several locals are looking at him in askance.....

Joan sweetly smiles at them and then, after they have left, turns and looks at Jarlath and the other two love birds.

"Okay, let's think about this, shall we?" she says softly, hands on hips, "While this world seems a bit more progressive than several of the Terras that our brother, sisters, and cousins have come you really think that they'll accept you proposing to two women...... In public?!"

Three sets of eyes blink. Then they slowly nod. Their hearts were racing ahead of their heads.

"That and I believe that you should at least wait until we get it formally and as by the book as possible," Joan continues, "Father and Mother will get used to a threesome....they got used to me after all. It will just take a little doing and explaining what happened and why. But....let's just make it a bit easier on them, shall we? Tradition does seem to sooth their nerves sometimes, right?"

"Right." half hearted replies come from the love drunk couple.

"But as soon as we are wed....that night......" Jarlath whispers devilishly to both Annafrid and Astra. "I believe there is going to be some stork they say in that Piers Anthony series I and Manfox Fred love so much."

They laugh and look forward to that.

Even though they sometimes got annoyed with the puns, the Xanth series was a pretty interesting series of novels. And.....stork summoning and other items of what Xanthians call the "Adult Conspiracy" was going to be fun that blessed night!

Andrea just chuckles and shakes her head as the others check in to the hotel for the evening.

"It's going to be an interesting journey," she sighs.

Those words are very true. Prang is going to make sure of that.

  1. We switch scenes and see Prang contacting pay "respects" to certain people.....

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