Bigger party time

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13454

Charlotte realises that it is still her birthday, but instead of cake and sandwiches, this is a student party with the booze flowing freely.

Now dressed in a tight black minidress which barely reached below her knickers, and at the top reveals a very deep cleavage, Charlotte realises that her innocent youth has passed by.

Just them she feels her bottom being pinched, and turns around to see her handsome fiance Fred smiling at her. She smiles back and falls into his arms.

  1. They do a slow dance
  2. Just then Lucy arrives
  3. Not something they should do in a family story
  4. Fred and all of Charlotte's friends quickly realize something is wrong, as she is acting much younger than she ought to be.

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Karen Ford

10/8/2000 2:52:59 PM

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