Betty Ragan's Bad Day

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13433

Betty stood in the VLA parking lot, her mind awhirl in a dazed cloud speeding along like a confused twister that's just about to tumble over and discover it's really some 6 year old's Pikachu top found in a kid's meal at some run down Jack-in-the-Box. Duchovny and Anderson were still pretending to be Mulder and Scully and they had rushed over to the telescopes to see if they could find Stacy over there (as if that made any sense). And McGavin was heading for the visitors center babbling into his obsolete looking tape recorder along the way. And Stacy, well Stacy was nowhere in sight. Not that that really bothered Betty at this point. But what did bother her was the fact that Duchovny's theory about intersecting realities was kinda making sense to her now. That bothered her a lot since it couldn't possibly be true. The fact that it now seemed almost plausible to her obviously represented the onset of a mental breakdown and the desire on her part to escape the strange parade of people that had invaded her, up until this point, quite banal life.

So she did the only thing that made any sense to her, she walked up to a kiosk and began banging her head into it.


Stacy stood on the side of a dusty road. In front of her lay a field of trees and beyond that was a mansion. For some reason she couldn't explain she knew that she had to get to that mansion.

While she stood there, a dusty pickup truck slowly drove up the dusty road and stopped when it got to her, the old tires kicking up a cloud of dust. A man in his late fifties, early sixties maybe, got out and walked over to her.

"I need to get to that house," Stacy said without looking at him. "Yep," the man replied. "Is there a way through this wood?" Stacy asked. "Nope," he shook his head, "them's Ed's woods." "He doesn't like trespassers, huh?" Stacy commented. "Nope," the man replied. "Who's house is that?" Stacy said and pointed at the mansion. "That's Charlie's mansion," the man answered, "but he don't like visitors." Stacy nodded to herself. "Ed's woods and Charlie's mansion, and both are off limits." Suddenly she heard the sound of baying hounds and a horn. "Sounds like the hunt is on," the man said in way of explanation. "What are they hunting?" Stacy asked. "Fox," the man replied. "And is this Charlie's hunt?" Stacy asked. "Nope," the man answered, "it's the Mistress Helen's hunt." "Gotcha," Stacy nodded her head. Then she looked over to something that was sparkling in the distance. She pointed, "Is that a lake?" "Yep," the man nodded. "And uh, would that be Veronica's lake?" Stacy asked. "Yep, how'd you figure?" the man asked. "Just lucky," Stacy smiled. Then she pointed across to the other side of the road, "Those graves over there wouldn't happen to belong to Peter would they?" "Sure enough," the man responded. "And the arch over there," Stacy continued, "is that Joan's?" "Yep," the man answered. "Thought so," Stacy said and turned her eyes back to the mansion.

Betty stopped smacking her head against the kiosk when a man suddenly spoke up behind her. "Excuse me miss, but you seem to be in some distress. Is there anything I can do to help?" Betty turned around and saw a strong looking man in his late thirties, clean cut and wearing a dapper grey suit. And she felt like throwing up all over it. For Betty knew that the man was dead, had been for over thirty years. Not that he looked dead. He looked exactly like he did when he was a TV star. The man reached out his hand and said, "My name's Kent, Clark Kent."

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10/8/2000 3:03:20 AM

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