Through the Portal

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13430

Fred pondered. This was all very strange, like some sort of dream. First, he had met this strange person who had said that he had been on a quest to kill the Dragon for a long time, even though he had only recently arrived in the cave. Then, he had died, and then ended up here.

What would he do next? Well, he couldn't very well just stand here staring at the portal forever. He might as well jump in and see what's on the other side.

He stepped in and

  1. Found himself in a room with ornate carvings on the walls. A beautiful dark-haired woman was speaking with him.
  2. Found himself in a black void. Yes, yet another one.
  3. Woke up. It was a dream all along.
  4. Fred sees a beautiful maiden surrounded by gold...

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10/13/2000 11:16:48 AM

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