Aristocratic Aid.....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13401

After a short delay, as required by royal protocol, she and Willian join them there.

Queen Astra and King Willian get a feeling, after a few false starts made by the Xanthians (some of them had such quant ideas about how things would be run in Aqaularia) that this would be rough going. Thankfully, Queen Astra's newest "sister" (putting much put upon in some cases) is able to iron out some of the more insulting gaffes made by the others.

On gaffe involved the dating system of Terra Prime just being put down as "something to do with some type of religion" (that gaffe was made by some young man by the name of Dor).

The new Astra is able to make a calming joke about it, disarming the situation.

Then, somehow, something about almost breeching some "Adult Conspiracy" comes up, and the elder diplomatic member of the group, a junior member, and Astra nip this in the bud before it can continue.

"Will you're Majesties excuse us a moment while we.....sort out something?" Elder King Trent (one of the members of the ad hoc Council of Kings) asks nervously. Queen Astra smiles a small, tight smile and nods graciously.

"Thank you, your Highness," he says graciously.

He smiles, then turns and calls over several of the offending members to him.

The smile drops, and there is ICE in his harsh whisper.

"What in the name that is holy are you doing!?" he asks, incredulous.

"Making a difficult, humbling task into a major fiasco, that's what!" the youngest Trent (newly Crown King....much to his surprise). "You left these two in charge during several diplomatic trips? And the other is daughter?"

Last is said with a slight jerk of the head at a young couple made of a Dor and an Irene.

Queen Astra, while her guests are quietly bickering, leans back and grins over at Willian, who smiles back. Unbeknownst to the Xanthians, each and every word can be heard through a trick of aucoustics up on the throne area of the room. It had originally been designed for the idea of any and every advantage a Queen could get over hostile neighboring nations should be employed, on the battle field and in negotiations.

Intitially, Queen Astra had qualms about it, but after some rather annoying dealings with the remains of Hespan, Mal Bacton, and the like (before cowing them) she tanked the wisdom of her foremothers.

As for the slight gaffes about attitudes about what was seemly for what a child should and should not know about sex (the very core of the dreaded Xanthian "Adult Conspiracy")......that was a matter of understandable culture clash that WOULD be squelched here and now. While visting Xanth, she would not insult their customs and beliefs. But the Xanthians damn well better reciprocate in that regard when visiting her land!

As for the other social gaff (Dor's slip about sounding dismissive of Christianity in regards to the dating system)....while Queen Astra was not a would behoove the Xanthians to remember that this was a new....strange world they were on. Some people would NOT be so understanding.....for religion (especially Christianity) was very much a large part of life in many parts of Terra Prime. Her Church was also, but that was another story for later.

She was happyto have been able to see to the conversion of a large section of the surrounding, recently acquired territories. Unlike places like Mal Bacton, a set religion hadn't been forced upon the masses with Aqualaria....and there had been a drifting BACK to olden religious (hidden) beliefs.

Something for later....

  1. The Elder Trent (after ironing out some differences and settling business), turned back to the Queen of Aqualaria....

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