And the Great Kingdom morns for the Brave Hero....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13367

This involves locating the small amount of the dragon's blood that should be adhering to the killer's weapon.

And as Prang get the needed materials as he attempts to locate the killer of his "pet" dragon, our brave adventurers have finally come upon the small hamlet town known as Red Oak.

They enter town, gladdened that at least there seems to be enough trade coming through the town to warrant it's small (and somewhat dingy) inn.

Also, there appears to be a horse merchant nearby and they are happy to note that the business looks to be in better shape than the inn.

However, despite the odd looks their non-human comrades get from the passing masses (elves were well enough known....but Andrea's fox features were something new and different), the general atmosphere was welcoming.

"Which is welcoming indeed," Ti'mma chuckles softly, smiling at the passer byes.

But as they enter the inn, there is a commotion behind them.

Turning they see what appears to be a forester coming in by horseback, carrying on another equine (a donkey) what could only be....two dead body! They are covered, but it's obvious what lies beneath.

"Yes, yet another set of victims of that damn necromancer!" the forester growls in disgust as the town constable comes up running, "But this is not the only problem. I don't know who the lass is, alas. However....."

The forester pulls back the sheets, and Jarlath and the others see what appear to be a male knight....that they have never seen before. There is a large, gaping hole in the dead one's forehead, and even from where they were, the adventurers can see their's no brain within.....

"Oh Lord above," an old lay wails in fear, "‘Tis the King's best Dragon Slayer, Sir Griffin!! We're doomed!"

As the town takes up a cry of fear, Astra, Jarlath, and Annafrid look at each other.

"Who's Sir Griffin?" Jarlath asks nobody in particular.

"Griffin....and not Fred," Annafrid says softly, shivering, "While that seems to rule out me ever having being Fred before....and male.....What does it mean?"

"It means that no matter what I and Astra still love you, mysterious one." Jarlath says softly into her ear, "No matter what now, that is all that matters to me and her. Please, be at ease."

Annafrid turns to him and Astra, and they all sigh. Very much in love with each other.....

  1. They then sigh contentedly, and slowly go over to get a better view of the body. This could prove to be important....maybe....

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