The Never Ending Quest - Episode 1331

The old man cackles. He doesn't appear to be all right in the head. Slapping the key in your hand, he crows, "You'll find a little surprise when you put that key in." You suddenly notice burn marks on his hand, and realize why he didn't free himself before. He pats you on the shoulder, causing you to flinch involuntarily. He sure does stink. "But you're young and strong. You can handle it. I was young and strong once..." He seems about to tell a long and probably interesting story.

  1. You sit back and prepare for the tale. Maybe he has some useful information. How did he get in here, anyway?
  2. You growl and attempt to bap him in the head. You want quiet for when you put that key in the lock.
  3. You totally ignore him as you start putting the key in the lock.
  4. You toss the key back at him. It probably doesn't work anyway. And partner up with a madman? Not a good idea. You tell him to forget it and start thinking of a better plan.

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8/4/1999 4:00:19 PM

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