The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13253

"HOLD IT!" yelled someone.

The Story Cops looked to where the voice came from, surprised. They saw a white-haired man, in dandyish clothing.

"Who are you?" asked the Story Cop, outraged.

"I," said the man, "am the Doctor, star of many episodes of Extend-A-Story. Ragan is my travelling companion. I ask that you unhand her and put a stop to this trial at once."

"Oh yeah?" said the Story Cop, menacingly. "Why?"

"Because this trial is a farce. The only person who really has the authority to decide wether story topic drift is good or not is Sir Toby. He doesn't remove any episodes, unless they have objectionable content. So basically, anything is allowed that isn't perverted, including story topic drift."

Murmurs of agreement rang through the audience and the jury. Clearly, the Doctor had made his point.

"Your honor, I object!" said the prosecutor. "What this man is saying is irrelevant!"

"Objection overruled," said the judge. "Continue."

"And as for this man," said the Doctor, "he is not what he seems! He has ulterior motives for prosecuting Scott." Gasps of shock rang out through the audience. The Doctor went up to the man and took hold of his eyebrows, and peeled his face off. It was a mask! And under the mask was the face of...

"Paco the Samurai Jelly Bean!" said the judge, shocked.

"Yes, Paco the Samurai Jelly Bean, Scott's greatest nemesis!" said the Doctor triumphantly. "He arranged this trial to finish off his old enemy, Scott Chen!"

"Wait a minute," said Ragan. "I think some of his skin is peeling off on the right side of his face."

"Goodness, your right," said the Doctor, examining him. He fingered it, and it came off! Paco's face was a mask too! The Doctor peeled it off, revealing the face of...

"Brian the Whipping Boy!" said the judge, shocked.

"Yes, Brian the Whipping Boy, Scott's other greatest nemesis!" said the Doctor. "He arranged this trial to finish off..."

"Don't you think you should check to see that this face isn't a mask too?" said Ragan.

"Er, you're probably right," said the Doctor. He peeled at Brian's skin, and sure enough it came off, revealing...

"Zerm the Unspeakable!"

The Doctor pulled at his features as well. They came off, revealing...

"Randall Flagg!"

By now, the Doctor was a little exasperated. He pulled at his features, hoping that they were his real face, but it came off, revealing...

"The Valeyard!"

Then, the Doctor pulled his face off, revealing...


"El Goodo!"

"The Purple Toaster Headed Gorilla!"

"Lord Reiabn Daenorth!"

"The disco dancing zombie!"

"The Master!"

"Miria, the Third Shoggoth!"


The Doctor was looking a little miffed. "We will hold this court in recess until the true identity of the prosecutor has been discovered," said the judge. "And send somebody in to pick up all those masks."

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