The Dragon

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13250

The adventurers are in high spirits...and the dragon is understandably annoyed at the intrusion.....

Annafrid had seen it before....but that memory had been permanently lost along with all oters within that 24 hour time period that Prang made her forget.

She still had to pause in shock at the majestic sight before her as they'd entered.

It was the dragon's lair that she saw. Gold ornaments, coins and precious stones lay in great piles upon the floor. In the centre of his hoard lay the dragon, asleep. His size was hard to judge, but he was an awesome sight. His green scales shimmered in the light that entered through an opening high in the roof of the cave.

The fell beast had a thirty foot wingspan, easily.

Annafrid paused for a second, and found herself, while having much respect for the fell beast, that it didn't frighten her to the point of uselessness.

"Puny thing isn't it?" Ti'mma mutters, not impressed. "Dragon Fred and Malachi easily have seven times the wingspan of this runt."

The sleeping dragon snorts and lifts it's head.

The thing hisses in rage at the intrusion, only to howl in pain with the opening volley of magical missiles and whatnot from the young humans (and one elfin child that wasn't really one).

The dragon roars and growls, growing increasingly frustrated fury.

<P.The mages keep jumping about, tossing spell after spell.

Then there is both the blonde and red headed, delicious looking morsel humans who keeps on ducking in and out and delivering blow after blow that somehow is making themselves known to the wretched creature!

The dragon, never having encountered such as this, isn't sure what would be the best course of action.

<P.Finally, it's dim reptilian mind decides on a course of action.

Gold or not, this day was his and if he doesn't retreat...and quick!....then it won't have much of a future.

Giving off a frustrated roar and doing something that no other dragon has ever been forced to do, the frustrated and battered dragon flaps it's leathery wings and makes for the open air offered by the opening high in the roof of the cave.

"Take it out Annafrid!" Astra shouts, pointing her blood drenched sword at the retreating dragon who's about to make a leaping lunge at the way out.

She wishes to give her new friend the honors of the killing blow!

Annafrid, emotions running high makes a running lunge at the retreating monster.

She sees Jarlath smiling and uttering a spell, and suddenly her leap increases by fivefold and she lands on the vile dragon's head....instead of the back.

Good enough, since Annafrid had planned on getting up there anyway.....

The last thing that the surprised dragon sees just before it dies is the descending blade that peirces it's slit pupilled eye....and scrambles the primitive brain within it's skull.

The dragon is dead before it hits the ground and Annafrid comes to a rolling stop right at the smiling Jarlath's feet.

"Thank you," Annafrid breaths heavily, sweating from exertions.

"It's Finder's pleasure....umph!" Jarlath begins, smiling as he begins to use his nickname from his homewold....only to be cut short when, her emotions still running high, Annafrid kisses him!

  1. For a brief second Jarlath savors the kiss, emotions flaring in response ....only suddenly for his eyes to snap open wide in surprise.

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