Thoughts of Mother....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13244

Usually, such stray thoughts are here and gone again, but some thoughts some weight (i.e. heavy thoughts) stay and don't just blow away with the next breeze.....gone with the wind.....

Now, everything that made up the thought wasn't clear....much was lost in translation from one mind to another. That is because no two minds are the same and as such, things get lost in the wayside....being that this means of information transfer is less than desirable for those very facts.

Uh, just trust me on this

But be that as it may, three things were clear in her mind. One, that "thought" comes from her mother, who's in a very confused state of mind right now. Two, somehow for reasons unknown, was that her mother and the rest of her family/tribe, the Wolfriders, were on Terra Prime, the very place that they'd (Xanthians) managed to make a connection to for survival. The last was that some people were going to be showing up to aid her in her urgent need to see her family!

Such things happen in Xanth. Just leave it as that.

"And there they are now!" Jenny cries in triumph as Astra, Angela, and Charmina suddenly appear.

"We were expected?" Astra finds herself asking, surprised.

The short of what happens next is pretty simple, really.

Jenny and her friends are able to get her and her new friends (who'd just arrived) added to the diplomatic envoy. It takes some doing, but the youngest Jenny is almost frantic in her insistence on being added.

The others, upon hearing why, finally believe her after doing some magical checking and verifying.

They easily agree to take along Astra when she says she knows the place they are going. She reveals that perhaps she, because of her apparent relationship, could get the envoys to see the leader of the nation they were going to be visiting....

Thus, when they are "greeted" by a bunch of very anxious and nervous palace guards of the Queen of Aqualaria.....

  1. The guards aren't totally taken aback by seeing a "doppleganger" of the queen...since it's been ten years after the insanity that had begun back then.....

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