A Most Important Visitor

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13235

The meal went surprisingly well, considering that Fred was seated between two guardsmen, Rowena across from him and Captain Locke next to her. The Chanticleer continued to make merry, as was his way. The merchant was his usual sour self. And the Lord of the Keep, a certain Sir Lens who apparently was the psuedo-nephew of Duke Harold, tried to make polite conversation with everyone and all. Finally the evening came to an end and the Lord of this little Keep in the Duchy of Hindsight stood and said that he had an important announcement to make.

"Yes, indeed," he began with a flair of the hand. "We have been blessed by the many visitors we have had of late. And tonight we have a great honor indeed."

~~uh-oh~~ thought Fred ~~word must've gotten out that I was here~~

~~damn!~~ thought Locke ~~if I find out that that drunken Chanticleer had anything to do with this I'll have his tongue!~~

~~by the gods!~~ thought the Chanticleer ~~I need a wench~~

Sir Lens continued: "Yes, yes! We have the utmost pleasure..."

~~here it comes~~ thought Fred.

"...to bring to your attention..."

~~his tongue, liver and kidney!~~ thought Locke.

"...the well-traveled..."

~~that's the ticket, a willowy wench~~ thought the Chanticleer.

"...the man of reason and judgement, the great Doctor Peter von Cushing!"



~~that one carrying the wine looks mighty nice!~~

With that a thin man of some 40 years stepped from behind the Lord and smiled at the people. His head was slightly balding, his face was taught, his eyes keen, and his smile a bit unnerving. "Salutations, my friends," he began. "This introduction is more than I deserve, but, thank you. I am sure you have heard of my research in strange and rare biota. Perhaps you know, too, of my interest in occult phenomena. I have seen wonders and horrors that few would wish to witness or dream even exist. And this journey is no different, for you see, I have left my home in Verboten and plan to reach the Desolation of the Dragon Kugel..."



~~I wonder if she likes poetry~~

"...which in this fine land of Allaria you simply call the Dragon of the Southern Caves."




  1. Who is this stranger from Verboten? and Why is he going to the lair of the dead Dragon?
  2. Fred and Locke simultaneously stand and yell out "No!" while everyone else simply stares at them

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