Swept away.....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13183

The Shambler, per it's chaotic nature, then swoops over to another nearby timeline where another Frederigo made a wish for something rather......beautiful along with something else rather petty (re: 532, 534, 3633, 3949, 12361, 12393). Angela gasps and faints as the Shambler sweeps her up, right as a Dragon Minion is rounding the corner...and notes the unconscious knight on the ground. A smile on his face, the minion unsheathes his sword and severs Fred's head from body.

"You'll score me much favor, young dragon slayer." the man says to the dead body he'd recognized from spy accounts.

  1. Both woman find themselves awakening in a forest and see a strange man leaning over a flame haired woman....with a glowing ring on her temples......

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9/17/2000 9:16:15 AM

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