The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13166

Scott gasps in surprise as a heavenly being comes into reality.....

He'd seen "angels" and "demons" before while serving his time throughout his tenure at Addventure......but this....Angel before him made those others pale in comparison!

What was exactly said and done while the Angel and Scott were still in Room 1 isn't actually revealed, but the end results were rather apparent a few moments later.

Confused Story Cops, not sure how they've arrived here back at Addventure (hadn't they'd moved over to a place called NEQ?). However, they have the distinct impression that Somebody back there.....didn't want them their any more....and wouldn't tolerate their presence any more. That and that Somebody (or Somebodies) considered the Police Cops to be about on par in effectiveness with the Keystone Cops.

Angered and annoyed, the Cops file into Room 1, and find and arrest the intruders (who find that their Box missing...and thus are now stuck for quiet a long time in the reality/non-reality known as Addventure).

The naked Scott (i.e. the one who's now a garden gnome statue) remains stuck in his form, and is placed on a shelf by the clueless Scott (who'd been very disappointed at not being able to be smuggled out). The statue eventually becomes human again....but only after a few thousand years (i.e. this guy's a slow learner when it comes to good manners).

Clueless Scott soon resumes his vigil, awaiting the day Game 3 opens again (how long that is nobody....not even the Powers....know).

As for the "other" Scott, he'd accomplished his mission. Demon Xanth (who'd been shocked and surprised to learn that while his kind call themselves demons.....the actual article was....much more frightening and much more vindictive), finds that a way to Terra Prime is open and....the Land is now safe. However, as feared he found himself forevermore divorced from his more powerful abilities....and thus only had enough magic comparable to that of a powerful Magican. In other words, he was in effect just another citizen of the land, and as mortal as the rest. He was no longer the Source of Magic. That aside, the "other" Scott found release...and no longer was subject to coming back again and again (i.e. he finally earned a place in the Here After).

But things weren't as peachy as they appeared, for as the portal to Terra Prime opened....

  1. The youngest Jenny Elf is talking with her older "sisters" about recent events.....

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