A Letdown for Fred

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 12289

Fred ferrets about in his knapsack and eventually fishes out a handful of rather droopy mushrooms, which he nonetheless deposits with some aplomb into the wizard's outstretched hand.

"Very well" Belboz replies wearily, "I will make you a potion to protect you from the sulfurous fumes of the Chamber of the Sceptre of Saint Valentine."

"The what?" Fred replies, jaw hanging slackly like a barn door in a high wind.

"What? Have you forgotten your promise?" thunders the wizard. "That in return for the Sceptre I will provide you with magical protection from the breath of the dragon?"

"Oh yeah - that." Fred shrugs his shoulders. "Well, I suppose it will all be worthwhile to be fireproof."

"Fireproof!" Belboz laughs. "Who said anything about making you fireproof? All my spell will do is protect you from the smell of the dragon's breath. It has terrible halitosis."

Fred's face reddens "So you can't protect me from the dragon's flames?" he asks, advancing towards Belboz in a rather threatening manner . . .

  1. "Of course I can" Belboz replies. "But in order to cast that spell I will require the Chalice of the Holy Moron."
  2. "No, of course not!" Belboz protests. " No wizard in the kingdom could conjure such a potent charm!"

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