The Agents get a Curveball!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 12256

Her eyes grew wide. "Mulder and Scully?!"

Mulder and Scully blink upon being recognized, and then Special Agent Dana Scully shakes off the surprise and turns towards Betty Ragan.

"And I take it that you are this Ragan that she was talking about?" She begins to ask, only to be interrupted.

"I've seen your show all the time on TV!" Betty continues, excited, "While I don't watch The X-files as much as certain other science fiction Doctor Who....."

Stacy blinks as she made the connection and then her annoyance with the "FBI" agents vanishes.

"Could I....have your autographs?" she asks timidly as she holds up an X-files book that she'd bought to pass the time on the plan ride out here.

Scully's eyes grow wide in shock at seeing the book. At first thinking that this was perhaps some type of attempt at some type of ruse, she then drops her notepad in shock upon seeing her own picture and that of Mulder on the cover.

Also add that shock to the fact that the X-files back at the Bureau are supposed to be secret and here are two civillians who seem to know something about them.....

"I don't think we'll be doing that, ma'am," Mulder says in an amused voice, not looking at the book, "Fun is fun but......"

  1. He trails off as his eyes finally fall upon the book......

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