A Painful Meeting

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 12237

Andrea had known that this meeting with the analog of her father (who stands glowering at her) would be difficult, but she hadn't anticipated just how difficult. She had understood that it would be very hard to make her "father" understand that she was not really his daughter but was instead an analog from an alternative Terra. What she hadn't realised was how hard it would be not to treat this man as though he really was her father, given that he seems identical to her genuine father in every particular. The situation is made poignant for her because for all she knows her true father is dead, since there is no guarantee that he had escaped as his analog had managed to do.

"Look," she says, "I've attempted to explain to you that - in spite of appearances - I'm not really your daughter. I realise that it must be very hard for you to believe that, but my companions - including Queen Astra herself - have assured you that it's so. Surely you cannot believe that we're all deluded or lying?

"Soon, I hope, we'll have your real daughter brought here safely. Then you'll be able to see the two of us together, and will have to finally accept that what seems a fantastic story must be true. Don't build your hopes up too high, though, that she will want to return home with you. Since my 'sister' is likely to think in a very similar fashion to myself, I predict that she's almost certain to be unwilling to return to Croix Keep either."

  1. Andrea is interrupted by a page, who asks them to come and see Queen Astra immediately.

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