Belinda's Story - Part 1

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 12144

"It's a long story," Belinda began. "I was riding Silver..." At that point, both the listening Astras broke in, one saying "But your horse's name is Rowan," and the other saying "But you've never learnt to ride." "I imagine the alternate universes will not be absolutely identical," said one of the Freds with a wry smile. The Astras promised not to interrupt again, and Belinda resumed:

I was riding Silver along one of the forest paths just a couple of miles from the palace. He stumbled over a tree-root, and I got thrown out of the saddle. I hit my head hard on landing and lost consciousness. I don't know how long I was out for, but I came around with a splitting headache to find that it was beginning to get dark and there was no sign of Silver. I wasn't too worried, though, either for myself or for Silver. As I said, I wasn't very far from home, and with any luck Silver would find his way back to his stable.

  1. But then I noticed something rather strange.

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