Matryoshka Dolls

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 12113

They exit from the caverns and while they are doing that…..

Probe is contemplating recent evenats.

Ah indeed, things always seem to be more complex than what first blush seem to be, especially on this world! the AI thinks to himself as he fondly looks down at his wife to be, Evis 7. I mean, this world's Fred was sent out to kill a dragon….but like most missions like he and the other Freds had been tasked to do, it grew more complicated than what they initially believed it to be. I've been thinking of those Russian dolls, matryoshka dolls, where you get one inside another inside another... We had Velus as a disciple of Minestus, who was tapping into Deltumnimos, who in turn was in thrall to the power behind the Slipgates…. Anyway, at least the other Freds and Astras, sets one through six, were able to go out on this adventure. I'd hoped that they'd might be needed, just to get the blood flowing for them and all since they live for that stuff……..

Probe and the others pause in dismay at the sight before them….

Outside, the moon is still full and shining brightly in the sky….and upon the arms, armor, and magical items of the fanatically loyal contingent of guardsmen and magical disciples (the females being a bit more…..useful for those…er…lonely nights).

Like most (but not ALL) of the versions of Minestus, this Minestus had something of a god complex.

These followers will rally the troops and carry on their Leader's plans in His name. All it will take for them to gain legitimacy in the eyes of the others is to slay the evil one's who'd struck a cowardly blow against their fallen god!

"Looks….like we get to have a bit of action after all!" Astra 6 smiles, a rush of excitement running through her (as well as the others).

  1. Shit, I'd hoped that we'd get in and out before these jokers came and rallied! Evis 7 sends to Probe as she drops her makeshift (one shot) railgun as the swords, shots fired, and spell bolts begin to fly.

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