The Alternative Astra's Theory

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 12094

"I heard your question," the alternate Astra said to "our" Fred. "No, 'sister', don't bother to apologise for knocking me out. I'd have done the same in your position. To get back to Fred's question, supposing the people featured in the books in which we ourselves don't appear are also going to be brought here?" "It's a theory of hers," the alternate Fred explained, "but so far there's been no sign of anyone but Freds and Astras appearing here." He broke off as someone else entered the library:

  1. Another Fred.
  2. Another Astra.
  3. An attractive blonde girl. "Belinda!" the two Astras said in chorus.
  4. A teenage boy. "Jarlath!" the two Freds said as one.
  5. A man whom none of them recognized, wearing the robes of a wizard. The man who had brought them here, perhaps?

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8/12/2000 11:54:31 AM

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