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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 12082

And so it does, my love, Ke'lan sighs being able to overhear her thoughts with a barely an effort, I believe the human saying is: "Hold on to your horses, folks!" Well, what I have to say is….rather unsettling!

Delither, as what I learned from my studies of other cultures, proposed a rather radical and dangerous solution to the threat imposed by the Altantians, Ke'lan sighs mentally, The idea was a simple one. If the dragons of the Council of Wyrms bonded their lifeforce in a similar manner as they already had with their own Hoards with an Atlantian Slipgate nexus, then they may be able to gain control of it and gain an upper hand upon their enemies!

But opponents to the plan pointed out a large risk a chink in this masterful plan, Demifox Synizn thoughtcasts meaningfully to his audience, Each Fred and Astra, as well as I and my brothers, have been touched by that powerful Atlantian magical artifact, the Crystallic. All present have traveled via it or the slipgate system. You all can practically taste Alantian magic and feel the presence of magical Alantian artifacts easily when near them. Tell me, what do you feel coming from that yon lair up ahead.

The Freds and Astras look toward the entrance, and they shiver.

They all feel the heavy, almost crushing presence of an Atlantian artifact. But something about it is off.

Some even say as much, mentally.

Well folks, I and my brothers still have something of a special bond with other dragons even though we've crossed over into humanity upon becoming lycanthropes, Synizn shivers, And by the love of Jesus, what I feel ahead tastes of a blend of dragon and something alien. Something akin to what we think may have been the controlling entities within the Atlantian slipgate system and the Crystallics.

The opponents of Delither's plan said that his idea was too dangerous that instead of gaining control of the slipgates .whatever acted as a control system could well possess the raiding dragon entirely, Ke'lan says silently in the other's minds, If that happened, Lord knows what the possessed dragons would do! The results would be a synthesis of both the dragon and whatever controls the slipgate system!

Something akin to going out to slaughter the Atlantians…then turning on the other dragons of the Dragon Nation? Tarin Gazin says slowly, May that account for the relative inexperience of this world's Fred in the art of dragonslaying what with all he'd known of dragons before coming actually from Minestus, the public face of the dragon?

As opposed to the much higher dragon kills we others have? Fred 3 asks softly, stomach churning in the shame he still had at the one time pride he'd taken at slaying of members of a race he'd thought were entirely evil to a one.

Right, Demifox Synizn agrees, patting the hand of Fred 3 to give a reassuring gesture of understanding of what he'd done. It would explain the general feel my brothers and the other dragons get about this land .a general….emptiness concerning dragonkind. It could be such,. Anyway, no way to really find out.

What would the resulting personality be like the resulting limits of power? Probe asks, frowning. Something akin to say ...Zerm the Unspeakable?

Not quite but still in the demigod range, Synizn answers, tail twitching in agitation, As for personality and behavior the results would be a being with …. Well, now they are strange, cthonic, and their thought patterns are simply alien to all but others like them. And besides the fact that we'd lose the Andrea of this world to the Unseelie Court if Deltumnimos is awakened, we'd run a terrible risk of something akin to what amounts to a mad demigod running amuck across the lands.

Fighting Zerm was bad enough with the Crystallics combined! Probe mutters to the others in their minds, Creator help us if we must do it again against another demigod like being without those superpowerful magical baubles!

The others agree, shivering.

If we DO actually go about doing what we originally planned on doing to neutralize Minestus' threat will there be any consequences with the other handful of dragons? Evis 7 asks nervously, fidgeting with a rather oversized man portable weapon useful against....large targets.

It wouldn't make a difference to the entity within this world's version of the Slipgate system, Synizn says calmly to the others' minds, All the dragons are controlled by that single entity making the other members of the Council of Wyrms merely amusing puppets. The loss of one dragon would be inconvenient but it has enough toys to still keep it amused.

(Author's Note: as it is right now, the entity controlling the wyrm in this den is too involved with his other "toys" to be bothered with the sleeping body).

But didn't our Mentor also say that the objection of the other Council Members was that if One of them should be killed. the others would die also as their link to the Slipgate Nexus shatters? Synizn 2 asks his brother. I mean, the final thing that made the proposal so unpopular was that it would severe forever the Council Member's links to their beloved Hoard.

Tarin Gazin withholds what ever opinions he may have on this. He had no good wishes for the now defunct Council of Wyrms of his world, but knows now why dragons are as they are and is proud to even call some his friend!

Why hurt their feelings (even if the Synizns weren't really dragons any more).

A quick but silent discussion (mental projection to prevent the sound of voices carrying), ensues. All are finally happy with the results.

This world, as far as the other mages see it, is a bit behind in a few important facts about magic. There is a ultra-powerful magical shield blocking the entrance to the wyrm's den, but Malachi and the other dragon mages discovered that Jarlath had no knowledge of magical shields much less of how one could with effort match harmonics and allow objects to pass through unmolested…..

Minestus was inside the den, for the others could hear him. He would be able to block the second or third object that comes through the shield .but not the first. Surprise has that wonderful effect .

  1. Then cast the spell, demifox, Probe says, smiling, as he holds up an armature.

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