I'm Just a Singer in a......

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 117

The singing was harmonious and lively. Fred almost thought that he was in the common room of his favorite inn on a Saturday night. He walked happily toward the music. It got louder and louder. Fred could make out guitars, drums, and even something that sounded like an organ.

That made no sense, how would anyone get an organ into a cave? Fred edged into the chamber at the end of the passage and there they were. The guitarist was a tall man with long purple hair. There was a handsome blond womann dressed in a man's leggings and tunic playing some sort of a small instrumentn with a keyboard, and there on the drums sat the dragon. He was not as big as Fred thought he would be and he was pounding away as the band played and sang.

"Hey look," said the purple haired guitarist, "we've got company for our jam session...."

  1. Fred talked to the musicians.
  2. Fred attempted to slay the dragon.
  3. Fred decided he had to rescue that beautiful blond girl.
  4. Fred wanted to learn more about that small organ.
  5. Fred Jams with the Band

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