The End of The Never Ending Quest

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 115275

In the 90 years since Lots42 had waited for his episode to be created, The Never Ending Quest came to a complete and absolute end.

No, not in the traditional way that stories usually come to an end: by having a final chapter. The Never Ending Quest allows authors to continually add new episodes and options, so there could never be a traditional end.

No, not in a technical sense either. While, yes, the story has been taking more and more hard drive space as the years passed, technology has kept up and the story administrators kept adding more hard drive space as the years passed.

No... The end was more mundane than that: Every possible episode had been written and every possible option had been taken. Every possible story had been told. Every possible crossover event had occurred. Every possible character had been killed off, brought back to life, killed again, brought back as a zombie, ran around naked, and everything else that could possibly happen to a character. The Never Ending Quest had jumped the shark an infinite multitude of times. There simply wasn't anything else to write.

Now what?

  1. The quest is over. Every episode is written. Every option is taken. There is nothing left to write.
  2. There is one option left! Hurry!!! Too late. It just got taken. Now there is nothing left. Oh, wait! There's another one! GO! GO!! GO!!!!
  3. But wait! Nobody wrote about this one crazy crossover event. There are still stories left to be written. There is still hope!!!

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Sir Toby

6/29/2018 6:09:52 AM

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