Frontier Justice

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 1151

You shrug. Lord Fred was a jerk, anyway. It's probably better this way. You stroll deeper into the cave, whistling a cheerful tune and wondering why that bear barked.

Suddenly, you feel someone tapping you on the shoulder. You turn and see an angry-looking man pointing a crossbow at your chest.

"Wh-who are you?" you babble.

"I'm Sir Lots42," the man says, "and I see that you killed Lord Fred back there."

"Y-yes, sir, sir," you say.

"I'm not too happy about that," Lots42 says. "We don't take kindly to hero-killers 'round these here parts."

"Eep!" you say.

"We normally lynch people who recklessly kill the hero of the story," Lots42 says.

You whimper in terror.

"...but that was before they passed the Never Ending Quest Regulations. Now the rules say we can only fine you."

You sigh in relief.

"But I don't follow the rules," Lots42 says with a cruel glint in his eye.

  1. Lots42 fires his crossbow. You die a bloody death.
  2. Lots42 fires his crossbow. Fortunately, it's just a toy crossbow; you survive. Lots42 chuckles.
  3. Before Lots42 can fire, Sir Seeker bursts onto the scene and saves you.
  4. Before Lots42 can fire, a cardboard box appears in the middle of the cave. A group of oddly dressed people and a jelly bean carrying a sword step out.
  5. Sir Lots42 melts into a puddle of goo

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The Seeker (A recent refugee from Addventure's untimely death.)

5/30/1999 11:46:42 PM

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