Following The River

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 10958

Astra followed the river. She missed Fred and the dog-boy Velus, though they had been together just for a bit.

The river was a hundred feet wide. Many stones and boulders line it's borders. The space not filled with rocks had trees with high branches, so Astra spent her time in the shade. (The sun was overhead). The ground was littered with needles. Occasinally a squirrel would scamped away.

Astra spent five minutes watching a baby deer eat leaves off a bush.

Finally (a bit sadly), Astra came to civilization.

It was a toll bridge over the river.

  1. Astra has no money.
  2. Astra has money.
  3. Astra battles the toll-keeper with wooden staves. The man says his name is 'Little John'.

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