The Necromancer Crone

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 109528

The had-been crone lying unconscious in Belboz's lap appeared now as a radiant young woman, no older than 25 or so, with gorgeous, waist-length brown hair, plump lips, perfect bone structure, and a striking figure--every bit as beautiful as Lilith had once been.

Belboz looked down her grotesquely long nose, up at her wrinkled, flabby arms, down at her stringy grey hair, and could think only,

  1. She couldn't risk this mission until she was sure that it had been a failure. She'd at least try to free herself and attempt to find a reversal spell before bailing.
  2. There was no possible way any prince would take her now, so Belboz fled the body, and Fred suddenly snapped back into control.

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