In Which Astra's Senses Gradually Become Attuned to Her New Universe

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 10927

Astra found herself floating in what seemed to be a black void. It couldn't be totally without light, though, she reflected, since she could see herself. She couldn't tell where the illumination was coming from. It seemed to have no specific source. She looked around her, but could not see Fred or Velus.

After a while - it could have been seconds or it could have been hours - she realised that the blackness around her was gradually lightening. Perhaps before long she would be able to distinguish something around her other than the void. Shortly afterwards she felt something pressing against her back; she was no longer floating but was lying on a surface of some kind. Then she heard something, muffled at first but gradually becoming clearer.

  1. It was the sound of running water - a stream perhaps.
  2. It was the roaring of some wild beast. Her hand strayed to where she had strapped a dagger to her thigh. [2009]
  3. It was Fred, calling her name.
  4. It was Velus barking.
  5. It was a voice saying: "We've done it, Scrychin! We've pulled a living human from another universe."
  6. It was a woman's voice, saying: "Are you all right?"

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JH (#5 is strictly speaking a breach of continuity with regard to 4301's 2nd sentence, but I couldn't resist)

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