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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 108062

Fred and Astra made their way towards where the voices were coming from. Beyond the rockfall the tunnel widened out, so that progress was much easier. After a few minutes, they saw that a short distance ahead the tunnel emerged into a cave. They could also see a flickering reddish glow whose source was somewhere out of their sight. The goblins must have lit a fire. Perhaps they were planning to cook their captive before eating him or her.

"There's no time to lose," Astra whispered.

"At least let me go first," Fred replied.

Unfortunately even Fred's whisper was about as loud as a human voice speaking normally. When Fred and Astra emerged from the tunnel, they saw that the six goblins surrounding the fire, about twenty yards away, had been alerted to their arrival. They had turned to face them and had their weapons - wicked-looking long knives - ready in their hands. But when they saw that they would be facing a dragon, not surprisingly they turned and fled. Goblins are neither brave nor stupid.

The goblin's prisoner and potential meal lay not far from the fire, bound hand and foot. Fred and Astra could immediately see that it wasn't Velus but a much larger figure. A small dog wouldn't have provided much of a meal for six hungry goblins. Their first task would be to reassure the person, who understandably was terrified by the sight of an approaching dragon.

  1. It was a man.
  2. It was a young woman, one of the dragon's (the bad dragon, that is) captives who had somehow managed to escape the beast's clutches, only to be unlucky enough to run into the goblins.
  3. It was a child.
  4. It was an elf.
  5. It was someone/something very surprising.

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