A Delicious Ending

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 101427

The magician heard his gasp and turned around. "Oh, Velus! I've been looking for you," he exclaimed. "Stay back!" Said Sir Fred. "I won't let you work your evil on this young man any longer!" The magician was surprised. "Evil? What do you mean?" Sir Fred was quick to respond. "You turned this young man into a dog, and are surely meaning to kill him with chocolate cupcakes. You and I both know that dogs shouldn't have chocolate!" "Oh!" He chuckled. "Oh-ho-ho-ho, I see now. Now it all makes sense. You see, Velus is my helper, and a very good young man, but every time I make cupcakes, he eats all of them up! So, I figured I would turn him into a little dog so that he would not ruin his appetite before supper. Of course, he became very upset, and ran right out of the cave. I was very worried, for I knew his mother would be very upset with me if he got hurt. So, I ripped the page out of my spell book in order to make a "lost dog" flyer. By that time, I became very hungry, but I had left the cupcake recipe back in my spell book. So, now, here I am, making cupcakes." "Oh. Well... I guess that makes sense." And with that, the magician turned Velus back into a human, and the three of them began snacking on the delicious chocolate cupcakes. As they continued laughing, snacking, and talking, the wizard posed an interesting question. "So, Sir Fred, what brought you to my cave anyway?" "Oh, that's a long story," said Fred, "but this is how it began..."

  1. So it Ends, Much as it Began...

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Andy Seeker

4/29/2013 5:40:16 PM

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