Fred's Old Poker Buddy

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 1006

The dragon blinks as Fred approaches. The dragon is the size of a small house. There is no way he could hold cards in those scaley claws.

"Alright Dragon!" Fred announces, "pay me what you owe me or else it's curtains for you!"

The dragon laughs. The dragon squeals. The dragon rolls over on his belly and moans. The dragon almost pees in his pants, excpet he isn't wearing any pants so it ends up in a big puddle all over the cave.

Now of course the dragon's belly is unprotected and soft. Upon seeing it, Fred picks up his sword and plunges it into the creature. The dragon now moans in pain. With lightening speed, Fred stabs the dragon again and again until it dies in a pool of icky dragon blood mixed with even ickier dragon pee. Who said killing dragons was pretty business.

"You just killed my best friend," complains the magician.

"Tough toenails," responds Fred.

"Well you don't expect me to let my best friend's death go unavenged," says the magician.


  1. Fred offers to split the reward with the magician to assauge his grief.
  2. Fred tries to slay the magician with his sword.
  3. Fred apologizes.
  4. Fill in your own idea here.

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6/30/1999 11:22:20 AM

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