Advanced Features

By now you've got a few of your own episodes created. You've mastered the basic functions of the game. Now you want to see what all of the advanced features are that everyone has been talking about. This help file is for you.

Extendable Episodes

Extendable episodes allow the reader to add a new option to the episode at any time. To make an extendable episode, you select the Make this episode extendable checkbox while creating it. You still need to include at least one option, but afterwords, you, or anyone else can add options to the episode at any time.

Episodes that are extendable list that fact at the bottom of the page. They will also have an option labeled Add New Option. When you add a new option, you are presented with a page similiar to the one presented when you create an episode. The only difference is a text box that allows you to enter the description of the option that leads to the episode you are creating. Everything else about the creation process is identical.

Linkable Episodes

Linkable episodes allow authors to link to that episode from one of the options they are creating for a new episode. To specify an episode as linkable you select the Link to this episode later checkbox while creating the episode.

When you are creating an episode and want to link to another already created episode, you need to specify the episode number in the Back Linked Episode field for the specific option you want to link to another episode. Leave that field blank if you just want a normal link.

Linking Your Signature to Your Email Address

By entering your email address, and selecting to turn your signature into a mailto link, you can have your signature be a mailto link pointing to your email address. This makes your email address viewable to the whole world, including spammers and other nefarious netizens. Your email address will not be accessable to anyone unless you check this option. In order for this to work, you need to specify something in the author name field.

Receive Email When Your Episodes are Extended

If you want to receive email notification any time someone creates a new episode off of an episode you have written, select the Receive email when this episode is extended checkbox when creating the episode. You will receive email each time a child episode of that episode is created. If the episode is extendable, you will also receive email every time someone adds a new option. In order for this to work, you must enter a valid email address. Your address won't be visible to anyone unless you select to turn it into a mailto link as well.